As a Practitioner  Maria Moore has had a very diverse and interesting practice.  This is ranging  from more acute emotional disorders at Therapeutic Communities to motivational issues in a Private Fleet Street Practise.

Maria has worked with individuals, couples,  families, groups and organisations.  She has a interest in exploring different perspectives and a focus on any relational material from individual communicational tools to work systems and different personality adaptation styles.

Maria considers her career journey as being positively impacted by her working relationship with Jenny Robinson who is a Pioneer in the Field of Psychotherapy and a past owner of a Therapeutic Community for  emotionally disturbed clients.  This was somewhere where Maria stayed for 10 years and created the path which she has since taken to her private practise.  This has informed the work which is relationally based and treatment is bespoke as individuals are seen, each as unique and intrinsically  valued.

Jenny Robinson is someone who has “walked the Walk” working with guts and integrity for the duration of her career.  This has had a huge influence on Maria's work as she has also “walked the Walk” rather then just “talked the Talk” which means staying open to new interventions and using intuition to see where any specialised treatment plan needs to go.  Now she sees that the deployment of some of the knowledge gained from a career spanning over 20 years is important.

The wonder of seeing individuals develop and grow has always been at the forefront of her reason to continue with this work.  This far outweighs any agonies that have been experienced in what is often about dealing with human emotional pain.  Through any mire or suffering there is a potential to grow from what one learns from the experience.  This is if one makes the choice to do so.  If one does then Maria will go the extra mile to make sure that the process of development and evolving is supported appropriately.

Maria  believes in a pro-active approach to each individual creating a forward momentum so that progress can be seen.  Its important to give your emotional well being a priority so improving clarity, clearing up any confusion, developing emotional literacy and wisdom are all beneficial.  The 20 years experience in Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling in personal and work related issues has served her knowledge base well.  Here she sees the deployment of this as extremely significant.

Maria holds qualifications in a Psychology Honours degree, Post graduate Diploma in Counselling, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Diploma in Supervision, and a Masters in Integrative Psychotherapy.

Maria has held varied positions for Clinical Consultant and Director, assistant Psychologist, Supervisor and Managing Director.

Maria has had practices is Derbyshire, Birmingham and London.  She is a senior Counsellor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and the United Kingdom of Psychotherapy and a member of the British Psychological Society.

She has had a diverse and successful and interesting career and built up a personal business profile to encompasse many different clients and services.  These may range from psychology, coaching, consultancy, personality profiling, with business clients and employees.

The  experience and knowledge gained in the field means she has had a paper published with Emerald with the Journal for International Therapeutic Communities.  Has constructed a useful communicational technique that is simple yet can deal with complex resolutions.  Integrated Psychotherapy and the 12 Steps and created a paper case study in illustration of this amalgamation.  Additionally, written a book that includes Transactional Analysis and the 12 Steps in Addiction.

Maria is a humble but potent practitioner who has been inspirational to many people.  This is relevant to her authentic love of people which makes her success rate very high.  The positive approach of people often experiencing the work as a positive life project that is embraced.