Human beings have approximately 10,000 thoughts a day

With this level of thinking, our high levels of consciousness and complexity, its hardly surprising that we could do with some support when things get on top of us. At Kinesis we like to normalise counselling services because of how humans operate.  This is as opposed to the stigma that is often attached  to getting psychological support. For example, everyone universally has “the stuff of life”  rather then seeing people as having  “issues” which, can have negative connotations.  We operate from eminent Psychologist Carl Rogers' perspective of Unconditional  Positive regard.


Considering that we hold so much information with our life experiences right from birth.

Its amazing that we have this  data bank within our dynamic unconscious.  In other words, we only use part of our brain, mind and being.  With this,  there is so much that can be learned about ourselves, with exploration and within a counselling or therapy process, that can give so much clarity , benefit and  possible release.  The more awareness of people we have, the more we can live being balanced and enabled to make potent and clear decisions .  This really does contribute to people reaching their full potential in whatever they choose.


We believe in creating a environment that is comfortable, friendly, warm and safe.

That this space is for a content, potent working alliance. The  acceptance of people with all their individual diversities is of value to us.

Our service operates with a pro-active philosophy and process.

We see the service as related to individuals doing their own “project of self” which is hugely productive to reaching full potential. With this we operate our alliances with elements of positive psychology and productive life changing facilitation.


The creation of trust is of paramount importance to human development in this service.

At Kinesis the practitioners are fully trained to post degree level at one of the best institutes for counselling and psychotherapy in Europe.  Additionally, they operate under a recognised code of ethics  by the “BACP” The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. All clients are re-assured that confidentiality is something that is honoured and abided by unless there is cause for concern in relation to harm to others or self.

We believe in client autonomy thus, work in a person centered way

When any interventions are appropriate, this means treatment with the consideration of individual needs rather then operating from a generic model application. This helps with choice, empowerment, alliance and creates solid  and warm working relations. Quite simply, the client always comes first.


We carry a familiarisation with the IAPT NHS System.

Additionally, we hold a diverse system with a number of different approaches . This enables us to accommodate different client needs.

We see being listened to attentively and attunment as intrinsic human needs.

This goes beyond listening with just audio abilities. Its about observation that includes body language without judgement.  It includes having a high sense of intuition and emotional wisdom in feeding back with care and diplomacy.  It also means being objective which is about coming away from our “own frame of reference” to be able to be beside our clients experiences with our clarity not  being clouded.


Our service is continually evolving as this supports our clients process of development.

Being stagnent , stuck or set in our ways in not an option as we believe in the potency of a free flowing energy that is vibrant and effective. With this we keep on developing with feedback, evaluation, improvisation and synergistic creativity. We keep on getting continued professional development, supervision and our own therapy,  as required to hold a reputable and effective service

We really appreciate that we can create these fantastic developmental spaces for people to work and evolve

It's similar to the idea of giving individuals' Psychological Air, and we consider it a privilage to be in the service for others.